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Day #2: Anohni and Arca highlighted in Queer Pop

Maus Hábitos will again host a Queer Pop evening. For this edition of Queer Porto, the program is dedicated to two renowned figures in the invention of electronic-driven songs: Anohni and Arca. Both released milestone albums in the past couple of years, and their formal boldness in music is followed closely by an equally experimental quality in the images created for the music videos which promote their records, and through which they make bold identity remarks.

From 11.30pm we have the opportunity to watch a series of music videos by these two artists, commentated by programmer Nuno Galopim, and journalist Rodrigo Affreixo.

Following the screening takes place the Queer Pop Party, with music by DJ Rodrigo Affreixo, who nurtures a vision of dance music as a continuum, privileging the primordial intimacy between black music, disco, and house. Affreixo is the creator of the 80 (1999) thematic evenings, Chocolate Preto (2000), Super Cock/LusoPop (2001), and Disco Heavy (2003), being a regular presence in Porto’s night life.