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Day #3: Amina Arraf’s story at Queer Porto 1

In her latest documentary, The Amina Profile, the director Sophie Deraspe follows the story of Amina Arraf, a Syrian-American revolutionary who, during the Arab Spring, keeps an online affair with Sandra Bagaria, who lives in Montreal. At the time she publishes her texts on a blog provocatively titled The Gay Girl in Damascus. The abduction of Amina fuse an international outcry for free. The story goes through San Francisco, Washington, Istanbul, Tel Aviv and Beirut and as we know the main players in this crusade we also discover who was the real Amina. The film screens today in Teatro Municipal Rivoli at 7pm.

Before, at 5pm, another documentary, Tie and Red Nails, directed by the Brazilian Miriam Chnaiderman appears, inspired by the life of Laertes, a newspaper cartoonist that at age 60 began to identify herselve as a woman. The film features interviews with the singer Ney Matogrosso, the designer Walério Araújo or the writer John W. Nery.