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Day #3: Confrontation between public space and individual identity in short program

Today screens at mala voadora, at 7.30m, the short films program Anything Can Happen in the Woods, seeking different approaches to the relationship between the creation of an identity, individual or collective, and its statement in the public space. Here are displayed six short films.

In Requiem Pour Mon Pere, by Quentin Perez, is in the forest that a child has a monologued revelation of his father.

Ton Poids Sur Ma Nuque, by Frédéric Labonde, who will attend the festival to present his film along with producer Frédéric Bonnet, leads to public exposure of the private interiors of the apartments they contain.

Haldernablou - Triptyque, by Tom de Pékin, who will also attend the festival, stages a choreography-limit inhabited by standard figures, who find in an urban park the place where all their fears can be unmasked, and all their instincts set free.

In The Night director Lior Shamriz imagines a game of seduction during which, in an oneiric twist, we are plunged into a fetish universe.

SANDY: The Long Dark Tearoom of the Soul by David Churchill and Frank Livingston, shows us an aging puppet while he cruises tunnels, hallways, library stacks and public toilets for an illicit moment of erotic possibility.

Drone Boning, by Ghost + Cow, is considered by the press as the world’s first aerial pornography film.