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Day #3: Guests in attendance for the Official Competition

Today, the program at Teatro Rivoli is especially dedicated to the Official Competition films. And, for the occasion, the festival will host some of the filmmakers and actors whose films are competing for the Queer Porto 3 award for Best Narrative or Documentary Feature.

At 10pm takes place the screening of Jesús, a nihilistic portrayal that inhabits a generation growing up with no apparent ethic codes. The actor Gastón Salgado will be in the Festival to present his film and answer the audience’s questions.

Before, at 5pm, takes place the screening of I Am Truly a Drop of Sun on Earth, filmmaker Elene Naveriani’s feature debut, who is also in Porto. The film follows a group of female sex workers and a group of Nigerian immigrants in Tbilisi, through a queer look upon migratory movements from Africa to Europe.  

Also part of the Official Competition, at 7pm takes place the screening of La Noche, the first feature film directed by actor Edgardo Castro, which portrays a Buenos Aires are rarely captured on screen, by following the protagonist in his perambulations through clubs and brothels, trying to surpass his loneliness through hedonistic moments which subvert every kind of rules.