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Day #3: Marcelo Evelin presents the dance show Dança Doente

Parallel to the Queer Porto film program, this third day Teatro Rivoli hosts the dance show Dança Doente, by choreographer Marcelo Evelin, presented at the Auditório Manoel de Oliveira this Friday at 9.30pm, and Saturday, at 7pm.

Dança Doente addresses dance as pathos, more specifically as a symptom, an alteration of the subjective perception of the body infected by the world and traversed by forces that empty it and dismiss it. As a point of reference, it borrows from the universe of the Japanese choreographer Hijikata Tatsumi: his writings, his images and his dances, in a kind of phantasmagoria revealed between fascination and fiction.

This performance establishes a direct dialogue with the documentary Les Vies de Thérèse, directed by Sébastien Lifshitz, on the life of Thérèse Clerc, one of the foremost French advocates for women and gay rights, that will screen on Sunday, the 8th October, at 7pm.