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Day #3: Peter Friedman lectures master class at University of Porto’s Fine Arts Faculty

Peter Friedman, the author of one of the foremost and unfairly neglected documentaries on HIV/AIDS, Silverlake Life: The View from Here (Teatro Rivoli, 7 October, 7pm), is one of the highlighted filmmakers of the Queer Porto 3 “This is Me” program.

Today, at 11.30am, Friedman will lecture a master class, free of charge, at the University of Porto’s Fine Arts Faculty, looking back on his over 35-year-old experience as a filmmaker, approaching issues related to dramaturgy, the relation between documentary and fiction, and what does “post-gay” and “post-queer” mean.

The master class includes the screening of the documentary Fighting in Southwest Louisiana: Gay Life in Rural America (1991), directed by Friedman alongside Jean-François Brunet.