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Day #3: Queer Pop Session at Maus Hábitos

A gaze not only through the present, but also through some of the most meaningful moments in recent queer culture, in this important space where music and images come together. To do so, to the works of David Bowie, The Knife, the Micronauts, M.I.A. and Róisín Murphy we add more recent visions with the music of Perfume Genius, Shamir, Owen Pallett, Arcade Fire and Kacey Musgraves. This Queer Pop session, by Nuno Galopim, starts at 11.30pm at Maus Hábitos.

Afterwards begins Queer Pop (Dance Mix) party. From electro pop to danceable indie music, between the past and a present tastes like the future, we dance, without filters, to sound that is somewhere over the rainbow…

The party starts at midnight and the admission is 3€.