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Day #4: Queer Porto 3 Closing Party at Maus Hábitos with Groove Ball

Maus Hábitos will once again host Queer Porto for the Closing Party of this year’s edition. For this evening, the festival partnered with the Groove Ball collective, who will present a series of performances and acts specifically for Queer Porto 3.

Part of the performances are a version of the APOCALYPSE project, by Aurora Pinho, which has been developed in the previous editions of Groove Ball, alongside international guests Jay Jay Revlon (“father” of the London KIKI House of Tea, and a reference in the UK voguing scene), and Electrosexual (producer and DJ in the Berlin underground scene, well known for his presence in clubs such as Berghain). The party will also host special acts by Portuguese performers André Da Fonseca, Henry Sequeira, and Inês Laranjeira.

The party starts at midnight, and the entry fee is that of 3,50€.