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Day #4: Sexuality and fetishism in the “Under A Spell” program

Teatro Rivoli will host today the short film program “Under A Spell”, focusing on the relations between sexuality and fetishist expressions.

The screening takes place at Auditório Isabel Alves Costa, at 5pm, and includes the films: Protocols, by Jan Soldat, on how three men deal with cannibalism; What Happened to Her, by Kristy Guevara-Flanagan, a forensic essay on the cultural obsession with images of dead women on screen; Inocentes, by Douglas Soares, a voyeuristic journey through Alair Gomes’ homoerotic work; Our Skin, by João Queiroga, focusing on the relation between a transgender non-white woman and a male war veteran; and Baunilha, by Leo Tabosa, on BDSM.