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Linn da Quebrada in Dias Da Dança

In a partnership between DDD and Queer Porto, the documentary by Claudia Priscilla and Kiko Goifman, Bixa Travesty, premiered in the last edition of Queer Lisboa and Queer Porto, will be shown on Teatro Rivoli (May the 4th, at noon). The documentary follows the life and work of the trans singer Linn da Quebrada. Coming from a poor region of São Paulo, she faces many prejudices, also for being black, and her funk songs resonate like a shotgun against machismo.

That same day Linn will join Alice Ripoli, Lia Rodrigues, Sónia Sobral and Nayse Lopes for Mulheres em Te(n)são, a meeting that intends to open space for discussion with the public about art made by women as a positive weapon and resistance.

Linn da Quebrada' presence in DDD will reach top point with a concert in the Grande Auditório do Rivoli stage, also on the 4th, around midnight.

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