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New Queer Cinema Exhibition opens today in Wrong Weather Gallery

For the New Queer Cinema Retrospective taking place at Teatro Rivoli, and in the truly transgressive and transdisciplinary spirit of this important movement in American independent cinema, Queer Porto 2 challenged six artists to, each one in their own language and medium, create a work for one of the six films of the retrospective. These works will be exhibited at Wrong Weather Gallery and will be printed in a limited edition postcard collection, as a means of celebrating six seminal films in queer cinema history.

António MV (Mala Noche, Gus Van Sant), Júlio Dolbeth (Go Fish, Rose Troche), Mauro Ventura (The Living End, Gregg Araki), Rita Roque (The Watermelon Woman, Cheryl Dunye), Sandra Araújo (Poison, Todd Haynes), and Von Calhau! (Swoon, Tom Kalin) answered to the Festival’s call and immediately embraced this challenge.     

The exhibition opens today at 6pm and it can be visited in Wrong Weather Gallery throughout Queer Porto 2.