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Queer Lisboa 23 Awards

Queer Lisboa 23 Awards

The Closing Ceremony of Queer Lisboa 23 – International Queer Film Festival, took place tonight at Cinema São Jorge, where the Festival announced the winners of the Feature Film Competition, Documentary Competition, Short Film Competition, In My Shorts Competition - which awards the Best European School Short Film -, Queer Art Competition, as well as the Audience Awards.

Awards List

Feature Film Competition

Best Film: Socrates, by Alexandre Moratto (Brazil, 2018)

Special Mention: Greta, by Armando Praça (Brazil, 2019)

Audience Award: Carmen & Lola, by Arantxa Echevarría (Spain, 2018)

Documentary Competition

Best Film: A Girl's Band, by Marilina Giménez (Argentina, 2018)

Special Mention: No Box for Me. An Intersex Story, by Floriane Devigne (France, Switzerland, 2018)

Audience Award: No Box for Me. An Intersex Story, by Floriane Devigne (France, Switzerland, 2018)

Short Film Competition

Best Film: Parsi, by Eduardo Williams and Mariano Blatt (Argentina, Switzerland, 2018)

Special Mention: Ant-Man, by Viet Vu (Vietnam, 2018)

Audience Award: We Are All Here, by Chico Santos and Rafael Mellim (Brazil, 2018)

"In My Shorts" - European School Short Film Competition

Best Film (ex aequo): Constanza, by Melisa Liebenthal (France, Argentina, 2018) and Dante vs. Mohammed Ali by Marc Wagenaar (The Netherlands, Belgium, 2018) 

Queer Art Competition

Best Film: Normal, by Adele Tulli (Italy, Sweden, 2019)

Jury Statements

The Feature Film Competition Jury, Teresa Villaverde e Wieland Speck, gave the Best Feature Film Award of Queer Lisboa 23 to: Socrates (Brazil, 2018), by Alexandre Moratto, a cash prize of 1500€, sponsored by Associação Variações. According to the Jury, “Socrates is a very strong film, both in its content and its form. It tells us about a teenager from the suburbs of Santos, in the state of São Paulo. Performed by the actor Christian Malheiros, who gets us magnetically hooked to the screen, portraying a character who fights against a world that wants to erase him. We hope that this film finds distribution in Portugal, and that more people are able to watch it.”

The same Jury also decided to give a Special Mention to Greta (Brazil, 2019), directed by Armando Praça. "Greta director Armando Praça created a piercing cinematic experience from the fringes of society, where strong characters form, knitting their web of desires and support."

The Documentary Competition Jury, Joana de Sousa, Margarida Mercês de Mello and So Mayer, gives the Best Documentary Award to the film A Girl's Band (Argentina, 2018), directed by Marilina Giménez, a prize of 3000€ given by RTP2, for the purchase of  the exhibition rights in the same TV channel. The Jury said: "We give this award to a film that, starting from friendship, builds a portrait of a community reflecting on itself, on thirty years of struggles and achievements. A complex insight from the inside into the life-changing impact of using your voice and making a noise"

The same Jury decided to give a Special Mention to No Box for Me. An Intersex Story (France, Switzerland, 2018), directed by Floriane Devigne. “A poetic conversation that breaks serious social taboos about bodies, lives and desires."

The Short Film Competition Jury, Alexander David, Catherine Boutaud and Mickaël Gaspar, decided to give the Best Short Film Award to the film Parsi (Argentina, Switzerland, 2018), directed by Eduardo Williams and Mariano Blatt, a cash prize of 1000€. According to the Jury: “We decided to award a film in which the radical, poetic and violent cinematic gesture, in a futuristic transe, portrays the here and now, with great mastery. The award goes to Parsi.”

This Jury also decided to give a Special Mention to Ant-Man (Vietnam, 2019), directed by Viet Vu. “We were very touched by the sorrow and solitude of this film's character. Through a mise en scène rich in peculiar ideas, we can witness the birth of a filmmaker. We award a special mention to Ant-Man”, the Jury said.

The same Jury also evaluated the "In My Shorts" Competition, in which they decided to give the Best Film from a European School Award ex aequo to the short films Constanza (France, Argentina, 2018), directed by Melisa Liebenthal, and Dante vs Mohammed Ali, directed by Marc Wagenaar (The Netherlands, Belgium, 2018) a video equipment prize, in the amount of 400€ given by MUCH Underwear. About Constanza, the Jury said: "Through the delicateness of the everyday gestures and breaking the prejudices of the viewer, we discover a portrait of a person who already found herself, Constanza". About Dante vs Mohammed Ali, the Jury said: "With a mature and endlessly surprising direction, a person who owns their identity is revealed in all his strength. Poetry trumps brutality." 

The Queer Art Competition Jury, David Cabecinha, Francisco Queirós e Sara Orsi, decided to give the Best Queer Art Film Award to Normal (Italy, Sweden, 2019), directed by Adele Tulli, a cash prize of 1000€, sponsored by Lisbon' Fine Arts Faculty. According to the Jury: “The pattern that repeats itself. A silenced violence which suggests an openness to other understandings. An essay or a collection of situations in which passivity in the face of imposition makes us question the normal."

O Queer Lisboa 23 closes with a positive note, with an increase of audience, when comparing to the previous edition, and having showed 101 films from 36 different countries.

The dates for Queer Lisboa 24 were also announced: the next edition will take place from 18 to 26 of September 2020. See you all there!

Greta director Armando Praça created a piercing cinematic experience from the fringes of society, where strong characters form, knitting their web of desires and support