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Queer Lisboa 24 Awards

It took place this evening, at 21:00 in Sala Manoel de Oliveira of Cinema São Jorge, the Closing Ceremony of Queer Lisboa 24, where the following awards were announced.


Feature Film Competition
Best Feature: Lingua Franca, by Isabel Sandoval (USA, Philippines, 2019)
Documentary Competition
Best Documentary: Toutes les Vies de Kojin, by Diako Yazdani (France, 2019)
Short Film Competition
Best Short Film: Quebramar, by Cris Lyra (Brazil, 2019)  
Special Mention: Aline, by Simon Guélat (France, Switzerland, 2019)

In My Shorts Competition
Best "In My Shorts" Film: Why do I Feel Like a Boy?, by Kateřina Turečková (Czech Republic, 2019) 

Queer Art Competition
Best Film: Santos, by Alejo Fraile (Argentina, 2019)
Special Mention: Hiding in the Lights, by Katrina Daschner (Austria, Italy, Spain, Germany, 2020)

The Feature Film Competition Jury, composed by André Tecedeiro and Joana Ascenção gave the Best Feature Film Award of Queer Lisboa 24 to: Lingua Franca (USA, Philippines, 2019), directed by Isabel Sandoval , an award amounting to €1,000 offered by Associação Variações. According to the Jury: “We award Lingua Franca, by Isabel Sandoval, for the uniqueness and subtlety with which it portrays a vulnerable and resilient reality, in an extremely hostile contemporary context.”  

The Documentary Competition Jury, composed by Catarina Alves Costa, Margarida Mercês de Mello and Paulo Pascoal , decided to give the Best Documentary Award to Toutes les Vies de Kojin (France, 2019), directed by Diako Yazdani, an award amounting to €3,000 given by RTP2, for the acquisition of the film's exhibition rights. According to the Jury: "Diako Yazdani’s Toutes les Vies de Kojin offers a humane perspective upon a reality which can only be revealed through rapport between subject and filmmaker. The place of imposed fragility, filmed with empathy and power."

The Short Film Competion Jury, composed by José Magro, Ricardo Barbosa and Rita Natálio, chose to give the Best Short Film Award to Quebramar (Brazil, 2019), directed by Cris Lyra. Of the film the Jury said: "For the plunge into the community and reparative care that connects the lives of young lesbians in São Paulo. A liquid film crossed by the occupation of high schools in 2015, by candomblé, by music, by tenderness, and also by the mourning of a Brazil shattered by its more recent political history and by the colonial and racist violence that marks its historical foundation." 

The same Jury gave a Special Mention to Aline (France, Switzerland, 2019), directed by Simon Guélat, "for the deconstruction of love stories’ heteronormative tendencies, which dominate the imaginary of classical literature, and for the celebration of a love that refutes labels. An aesthetically irreproachable fiction, about freedom and the urgency of happy endings", the Jury said.

The same Jury watched the In My Shorts Competition, and decided to give the award for the Best Short Film from a European School to Why do I Feel Like a Boy? (Czech Republic, 2019), directed by Kateřina Turečkov. Of the film, the Jury said: "For the courage of this film, which is also the vehicle for the protagonist to experience his desire to live a life, a body and a place other than his own. On behalf of the jury, we thank the protagonist, Ben, for his determination to tell his story, and for his willingness to make it reality in a context where everyone tells him otherwise." 

The Queer Art Competition Jury, composed by Hugo Diniz, Sérgio Braz d'Almeida and Sónia Baptista, decided to give the Best Queer Art Film Award to Santos (Argentina, 2019), directed by Alejo Fraile. According to the Jury: “The Queer Art Competition jury awards the film Santos, by Alejo Fraile, for its experimental and disruptive narrative approach, and for tackling in a delicate way the urgent issue of transsexuality in the familial milieu."

The same Jury chose to award a Special Mention to Hiding in the Lights (Austria, Italy, Spain, Germany, 2020) directed by Katrina Daschner, "for its eximious aesthetic and formal approach.” 

In a year with added difficulties due to the pandemic, Queer Lisboa would like to note the impressive audience turn out, which confirms audiences willingness to continue to celebrate queer cinema in a physical form, and also the pivotal role of film festivals in a time where commercial cinemas continue to struggle to increase audience numbers.

It was also announced that Queer Lisboa 25 will take place from 17 to 25 September 2021.