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Queer Lisboa honoured with the 25 Years ILGA-Portugal Rainbow Award

This Friday evening, the 5th March, Queer Lisboa was honoured with the 25 Years ILGA Award, as part of the ILGA-Portugal Rainbow Awards.

The festival thanks ILGA for acknowledging our ongoing activity for these past 25 years, and we also congratulate ILGA-Portugal for their quarter-of-a-century struggle which they also celebrate this year! We wish to share this recognition with both Gonçalo Diniz and Celso Junior, who founded the festival in 1997, and with all those who were and are part of the Associação Cultural Janela Indiscreta and the Queer Lisboa team throughout these 25 years.

It wouldn’t have been possible to get here without those many people who helped build this film festival, allowing us to inhabit the space we now occupy among the queer community and the Portuguese cultural landscape.

Beyond the homage and the recognition this award represents, we want to use it, today, as an encouragement for all of us to overcome the great challenges our community is facing, further heightened by the pandemic context we live in: this is a time for us to gather and fight for the political and social rights of our community, to raise our voices against racist and xenophobe expressions and occurrences, to fight for our venues and social spaces, to claim our cultural creations and their visibility.

Queer Lisboa will remain center-stage for all these struggles and expressions!