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Queer Porto 1 winners

The Official Competition Jury, composed by José Capela, Rui Filipe Oliveira and Toby Ashraf decided to award The Royal Road, by Jenni Olson, as Best Film of Queer Porto 1, a prize worth € 3,000.00 assigned by RTP2, public tv channel, for the purchase of the exhibition rights of the film. According to the jury: "Jenni Olson enigmatic essay film beautifully questions fixed paradigms of representation, historiography and film language. Her personal collage consists of photographic shots of Californian landscapes and architectures that seem devoid of human presence. The sound is deregulated, music is absent. Instead, we hear Jenni Olson speak about past lovers, forgotten pasts and classics of US-American film history. The Royal Road tests the borders of cinema through its austere, yet fascinitaing form. Olson interweaves discourse with didactic animations, lesbian reltionship reports with Brecht quotes, and thoughts on national wars with comments on film characters. Complex in content, yet simple in form, and purely mesmerising in rhythm and image structure,The Royal Road is a beautiful anti-film that provides lots of food for thought."

The jury also decided to give a Special Mention to The Night, by the filmmaker Zhou Hao. According to the Jury: "The Night by 23-year old Chinese filmmaker Zhou Hao and his student collective tells the story of a male sex worker in an urban no-man`s land and deserves attention for its imaginative and moody camerawork, its almost magical cinematic use of space and its tender and ambitious portrayal of people on multiple margins of a restrictive political system."

Queer Porto’s audience decided to award the documentary Tie and Red Nails, by Brazilian filmmaker Miriam Chnaiderman.

Queer Porto 1 closed on a positive note this first edition, and in addition to the films of the Official Competition that were screened at Teatro Municipal Rivoli, the festival also featured short film programs, video installations and performances that were screened between Mala Voadora, Maus Hábitos and Wrong Weather Gallery. Altogether they were screened 28 films from 13 countries. In 2016 Queer Porto 2 will take place from 4 to 8 October 2016.