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Queer Porto 3 Awards

This evening took place the Closing Ceremony of Queer Porto 3 – International Queer Film Festival, in Teatro Rivoli, where the festival anounced the winners of the Official Competition, the In My Shorts Competition, and the audience award.

The Official Competition Jury, composed by António MV (visual and multimedia artist), Pedro Bessa (RTP2 producer) and Sara Carinhas (actress) decided to give the Award for Best Film to I Am Truly a Drop of Sun on Earth (Switzerland, 2017), directed by Elene Naveriani, an award worth of 3.000,00€, given by RTP2 Public TV Channel, by purchasing the exhibition copyrights of the film.

The Queer Porto 3 Audience decided to give the Audience Award to The Wound (South Africa, Germany, Netherlands, France, 2017), directed by John Trengove.

The Jury also gave the Award for Best Portuguese School Short Film to Quando o Dia Acaba (Portugal, 2017), directed by Pedro Gonçalves, an award of €400 worth of audiovisual equipment, sponsored by Much Underwear, and a €500 credit for training at one of the Restart schools, in Lisbon or Porto.

The Jury also decided to award a Special Mention to the short film A Espera (Portugal, 2016), by Joana Alves.

Queer Porto 3 continues tomorrow, Sunday, 8th October, at Teatro Rivoli with the screening of the last films from the “This is Me” program, namely Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures, directed by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato; the worldwide première of Blackstar: Autobiography of a Close Friend, directed by Tom Joslin, as well as the short film programs and the feature Tender Fictions, directed by Barbara Hammer. In malavoadora takes place the performance Your Sexts Are Shit: Older Better Letters, by Rachel Mars, at 8.30pm.