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Queer Porto 5 Awards

Queer Porto 5 Awards

It took place this evening, at 21:30, the Closing Night of Queer Porto 5, at Pequeno Auditório of Teatro Rivoli, where the Best Film in the Official Competition and the Best Short Film in the In My Shorts Competition were announced, as well as the Audience Award.
Official Competition
Best FilmMadame (Switzerland, 2019, 94’), by Stéphane Riethauser

Special MentionYours in Sisterhood (USA, 2018, 102’), by Irene Lusztig

Audience AwardMadame (Switzerland ,2019, 94’), by Stéphane Riethauser
In My Shorts Competition
Best Short from a Portuguese SchoolEm Caso de Fogo (Portugal, 2019, 23'), by Tomás Paula Marques

The Official Competition Jury, composed of  Adriano Baía Nazareth (film director at RTP - Portuguese National Television), Ana Deus (singer and composer), Nuno Ramalho (visual artist) and Susana Chiocca (artist and curator) decided to give the Best Film award to Madame, by Stéphane Riethauser, an award in the amount of 3.000€, offered by RTP2, for the purchase of the film's screening rights.  According to the Jury: "To dive into memories, and reconstruct them through an archive of family footage, can be an exercise in understanding and redemption. In this work, we understand that, quite often, we are not alone in our “queerness”, whether it concerns gender or any other type. This film has the merit of doing it in a particularly successful way, fully including the audience in these dynamics."

The Jury decided also to give a Special Mention to the documentary Yours in Sisterhood, by Irene Lusztig. According to the Jury, this is "a film that affirms the multiplicity and the urgency of feminism in current times, articulating this with matters of gender, racial tension and environmental concerns, in a way that is particularly successful.

The audience of Queer Porto 5 gave the Audience Award for Best Film to Madame (Switzerland, 2019), by Stéphane Riethauser.

The Jury gave the In My Shorts award to Em Caso de Fogo, by Tomás Paula Marques, a video equipment prize, in the amount of 400€ given by MUCH Underwear. The Jury found it to be "a narrative focused on adolescence in a rural setting where, through the editing, important tensions are created in the cinematic discourse."

Queer Porto will continue tomorrow, Sunday, 20 October, at Teatro Rivoli, with the screening of Gay USA, at 17:00, and Buddies, at 19:00, both by Arthur J. Bressan Jr., and both legendary films that indelibly marked their times and have become essential artefacts for the knowledge and understanding of gay experiences and queer culture in the US at the two different decades that the films take place. To close the day, and as a farewell gesture, we will throw a final Queer Rendez-vous , at Pony Bar, where we will dance and celebrate another edition of Queer Porto.