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The virus-cinema: retrospective, book and exhibition about HIV/AIDS

One of the highlights of the new edition of Queer Lisboa is a multidisciplinary program on the subject of HIV/AIDS, entitled "The virus-cinema: queer cinema and HIV/AIDS", which brings together a film cycle, an exhibition and the launch of an essay book .

Since the 80’s, the HIV/AIDS epidemic has seen artistic expression as an important vehicle for representing the lives and problematics of those directly and indirectly affected by the virus, and for creating metaphors around these issues. Today, the importance, not only social but cultural, of these films, is highly recognized, since many of the works that focused on the epidemic brought aesthetic and narrative innovations to the history of cinema.

The cycle to take place at the Cinemateca Portuguesa and São Jorge Cinema aims to acknowledge the filmmakers of HIV/AIDS video-activism, putting these emergency works in dialogue with some of the most emblematic feature films on the subject.

Among the programmed feature films, some works such as La Pudeur ou l'impudeur (1992), the first person video diary by Hervé Guibert; Buddies (1985) by Arthur J. Bressan, Jr., the first fiction on HIV/AIDS to be presented in a recently restored version; Kids (1995) by Larry Clark, one of the exponents of American indie cinema, or Bright Eyes (1986) by Stuart Marshall, one of the first documentaries on AIDS. Among the films linked to the video-activism movement, the works of directors such as Gregg BordowitzMike KucharMatthias MüllerGran FuryJerry Tartaglia and Mike Hoolboom stand out.


On the 15th of September, at the opening day of the film cycle at the Cinemateca Portuguesa, the book "The virus-cinema: queer cinema and VIH/AIDS", published by Janela Indiscreta Cultural Association, organizer of the Festival, will be released. Edited by António Fernando Cascais and João Ferreira, the book brings together a series of almost exclusively unpublished essays in which different invited personalities - from doctors to activists, from programmers to film critics - write each one about a film that addresses this theme (some of which are presented in the cycle), offering different perspectives on the challenges that the epidemic posed for cinema.

The book is funded by EGEAC/Cinema São Jorge and features essays by Alexandra Juhasz, António Fernando Cascais, Augusto Seabra, Bruno Maia, Cristian Rodríguez, Daniel Pinheiro, Didier Roth-Bettoni, Franck Finance-Madureira, James Mackay, Jan Le Bris De Kerne, Jean-Sébastien Chauvin, Jerry Tartaglia, João Ferreira, Joao Lopes, Jorge Mourinha, Maria José Campos, Mathias Klitgård Sørensen, Matthias Müller, Mike Hoolboom, Nuno Crespo, Nuno Galopim, Pedro Marum, Pedro Vieira Marques, Ricardo Vieira Lisbon, Theodore Kerr and Tom Kalin.

The exhibition, entitled "The virus", also has its opening scheduled for the 15th of September at FOCO Gallery, where the works of Christophe dos Santos, Cláudia Sofia, Diego Machargo, Fernanda Feher, João Gabriel, João Viegas, Mauro Ventura, Marta Pombo, Rui Palma and Thomas Mendonça can be seen.


Bright Eyes, Stuart Marshall (Reino Unido, 1986, 79')
Buddies, Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. (USA, 1985, 81’)
E Agora? Lembra-me / What Now? Remind Me, Joaquim Pinto (Portugal, 2013, 164’)
Fast Trip, Long Drop, Gregg Bordowitz (EUA, 1993, 54’)
Kids, Larry Clark (EUA, 1995, 91’)
Les Nuits Fauves / Savage Nights, Cyril Collard (France, 1992, 126’)
La Pudeur ou l’impudeur, Hervé Guibert (France, 1992, 62’)
Zero Patience, John Greyson (Canada, 1993, 97')


The Ads Epidemic, John Greyson (Canadá, 1987, 5')
A.I.D.S.C.R.E.A.M., Jerry Tartaglia (EUA, 1988, 6')
Aus der Ferne - The Memo Book, Matthias Müller (Alemanha, 1989, 28')
Buffalo Death Mask, Mike Hoolboom (Canadá, 2013, 23')
Danny, Stashu Kybartas (EUA, 1987, 20')
Ecce Homo, Jerry Tartaglia (EUA, 1989, 7')
Final Solutions, Jerry Tartaglia (EUA, 1990, 10')
Frank’s Cock, Mike Hoolboom (Canadá, 1993, 8')
(In) Visible Women, Ellen Spiro (EUA, 1991, 25’)
Internal Combustion, Alisa Lebow, Cynthia Madansky (EUA, 1995, 8')
Kissing Doesn’t Kill, Tom Kalin, Gran Fury (EUA, 1990, 4')
The Last Time I Saw Ron, Leslie Thornton (EUA, 1994, 12')
Listen to This, Tom Rubnitz (EUA, 1992, 16')
Pensão Globo, Matthias Müller (Alemanha, 1997, 14')
The Pictures of Dorian Gay, Mike Kuchar (EUA, 1995, 23')
Some Aspect of a Shared Lifestyle, Gregg Bordowitz (EUA, 1986, 22’)
Steam Clean, Richard Fung (EUA, 1991, 4')