Jasco Viefhues

Jasco Viefhues (Offenbach, Germany, 1980) studied at the Film Academy Berlin from 2005 to 2017, graduating with a diploma focused on Directing. Active in the fields of New Media, Graphic Design and Film, his work is currently focused on racial politics in film, queer history, heritage and ancestry.


2019 - Rescue the Fire (Documentary)
2014 - Internal Body Shots HD (Short Film)
2013 - Schnitt (Short Film)
2012 - Jans Body (Short Film)
2010 - Kafarnaum (Short Film)
2009 - In Meiner Haut (Short Film)
2007 - Alle Tage (Short Film)
2006 - Sabine und die Revolution (Short Film)
2005 - Close (Short Film)