Jerry Tartaglia

Jerry Tartaglia (USA, 1950) is an experimental filmmaker and writer with more than fifty years of career working in experimental film and queer cinema. Tartaglia also teaches cinema, writing, and media production.


2018 - Escape from Rented Island: The Lost Paradise of Jack Smith (Experimental)
2013 - A Short History of the Future (Experimental Short)
2011 - The Projectionist (Experimental Short)
2011 - Prologue (Experimental Short)
2009 - Remains To Be Seen (Experimental Short)
2009 - The Mystery School (Experimental Short)
2008 - Is What Was (Short Documentary)
2008 - I’m Not Here (Experimental Short)
2007 - Denkmal (Experimental Short)
2006 - Sede Vacante (Experimental Short)