Leslie Thornton

Leslie Thornton (USA, 1951) is a painter turned video and experimental filmmaker who teaches in the Modern Culture and Media Program at Brown University. Her lush, complex works explore the mechanisms of desire and meaning, while probing past the boundaries of language and narrative conventions.


1994 - The Last Time I Saw Ron (Experimental Short)
1993 - Strange Space (Experimental Short)
1989 - Dung Smoke Enters the Palace (Experimental Short)
1989 - Peggy and Fred in Kansas (Short Film)
1988 - Peggy and Fred and Pete (Short Film)
1988 - There Was an Unseen Cloud Moving (Documentary)
1985 - Peggy and Fred in Hell: The Prologue (Short Film)
1983 - Adynata (Short Film)
1975 - X-Tracts (Experimental Short)