Megan-Leigh Heilig

Megan-Leigh Heilig (Nelspruit, South Africa, 1993) completed her Master’s in Fine Art at the University of Cape Town in 2017. Her work consists of a range of diverse mediums and collaborative practices. She is currently in a residency at the Higher Institute of Fine Art in Gent, Belgium.


2019 - Just Love Me, Treat me Right (Short Film)
2019 - It's Safe. Really, Really Safe (Short Film)
2019 - The Kolonization of Katan (Short Film)
2019 - Urinary Arrogance (Short Film)
2019 - Falling (Short Film)
2019 - If You Asked Them... (Short Film)
2018 - How Did We Get here? (Short Film)
2018 - One Hand on the Steering Wheel... (Short Film)
2018 - And I Asked... (Short Film)
2018 - A Record of Things Left Unsaid (Short Film)