Mike Kuchar

Mike Kuchar (USA, 1942) is a filmmaker, painter and writer. He began making 8mm movies in the fifties, switching over to 16mm film production in 1960, and continues now, producing short motion pictures in the video and digital formats.


2018 - NightWars (Short Film)
2018 - The Season of Shadows and Flame (Experimental Short)
2018 - Blue Nights, Foggy Days (Short Film)
2018 - Indigo Moods (Short Film)
2018 - The Alphabet Garden (Short Film)
2017 - Broken Gods (Short Film)
2017 - Book of the Angel (Short Film)
2017 - Keeper of Secrets (Experimental Short)
2017 - Soul Catcher (Experimental Short)
2017 - SoulSurfers (Experimental Short)