Nicolaas Schmidt

Nicolaas Schmidt studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg. He is a founding member of Eternaltrend Intermediate, a production and distribution audiovisual lab. His main points of interest are dramaturgies focused on visual poetry and romantic conceptualism.




2017 - Final Stage (Short Film)
2016 - Compare (Short Film)
2015 - Autumn (Short Film)
2015 - 36KFRGB - Special 29: Die Manifestation Des Kapitalismus In Unserem Leben Ist Die Traurigkeit (Short Film)
2014 - Leaving Monochromia (Short Film)
2013 - Break (Short Film)
2012 - Forever (Short Film)
2011 - Die Reise Mit Der Eisenbahn Hat Sich Durchaus Ein Wenig Gelohnt (Short Documentary)