Shu Lea Cheang

Born in Taiwan in 1954. Living in New York during the 1980s and 90s she relocated to Europe since 2000 and is based primarily in Paris. As an active artist in experimental video and net art since the early 80s, her practice combines artistic concerns with hot-button social issues, defined by her peripatetic and information-era existence, dealing with techno body, queer politics and digital commons issues. Approaching these concerns in a variety of mediums – film, video, installation, webspaces – the outputs are as varied as cyberspace itself.


2017  Wonders Wander (Web-series)
2017  Fluidø
 (Feature Film)
2008 – Fisting Club (Short Film)
2008 – I Am You Are High On Milk (Short Film)
2004 – Fluid (Short Film)
2000 – I.K.U. (Feature Film)
1995 – Coming Home (Short Film)
1995 – Fingers and Kisses (Short Film)
1994 – Fresh Kill (Feature Film)
1994 – Sex Bowl (Short Film)