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Queer Pop 1: George Michael: See Without Prejudice

Queer Pop 1
George Michael: See Without Prejudice

News came in late 2016. And this year Queer Lisboa pays homage to the iconography and the work of George Michael through a series of music videos which mirror the process of progressive detachment from the teen pop star canons attached to his early career. This selection looks at a space where his identity speaks louder, not missing out on some occasions when these films portray moments of honest autobiographical expression. Nuno Galopim

I Want Your Sex (1987), Andy Morahan
Freedom 90 (1990), David Fincher
Too Funky (1992), George Michael
Killer/Papa Was a Rolling Stone (1993), Marcus Nispel
Spinning the Wheel (1996), Vaughan Arnell, Anthea Benton
Roxanne (1999), Joanna Bailey
Freeek! (2002), Khan
Flawless (Go to The City) (2004), Jake Scott
An Easier Affair (2006), Jake Nava
White Light (2012), Ryan Hope
Outside (1998), Vaughan Arnell