Charme Indiscreto de Epifânea Sacadura

Charme Indiscreto de Epifânea Sacadura


In his first short film, Óscar Alves experiments with the flashback-based narrative structure and the theme that would be further explored in his later work Aventuras e Desventuras de Julieta Pipi, filmed with greater means.

Shot with no dialogues or sound effects, the film relies on intertitles to convey the essence of the dialogues, and it requires greater rhythm and expressivity from its actors; to this end, Alves recreates the expressionist aesthetics of silent cinema.

The time and setting of the action are revealed immediately: 1930, the Chalé das Águas Correntes (Chalet of Running Waters). Epifânea Sacadura (Fefa Putollini), actress, welcomes us with a “Hello, Boys!”; lounging on her chaise longue in a languid pose; she even fondles herself on occasion. Epifânea is clearly bent on seducing the boys. The actress speaks of her career; she tells the story of the making of a film, in which we see her character receive the visit of a gentleman that turns out to be a vampire.


Please Note: Due to the deteriorated state of the master of this film, it is no longer available for public screening, only for research purposes.