Jury and Guests



  • Ágata Pinho

    Actress / Portugal

    Ágata Pinho (Porto, 1989) is a Theatre graduate from Balleteatro and ESTC - Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (2010). In cinema, she worked with Alexander David, Guilherme Daniel, Cláudia Clemente, Joana Linda, Gabriel Abrantes, Cláudia Varejão, Miguel Clara Vasconcelos, Rui Falcão, among others. She directed, wrote and performed in her first theatre creation, O Fosso dos Heróis, in 2015, co-produced by the D. Maria II National Theatre /  Festival Temps d’Images. In 2016, she premiered NOVA CRIAÇÃO, also staged, written and performed by herself, among other collaborators, which opened at the National Theatre’s 2016/17 season. 

  • Da Mata

    Artist & Curator / Portugal

    Da Mata is an artist, curator and performance art historian, founding member of Cia. Excessos and eMagazine Performatus, and organizer of the Performatus festival. He is completing his Master’s in Visual Artes/Sculpture, and specialization in Contemporary Artistic Practices at the Porto University’s Fine Arts Faculty, in Portugal. At the Humanities Faculty of that same university, he graduated in Art History. Main curatorial works: “MOSTRA PERFORMATUS #2”, Sesc Santos, Santos, Brazil, 2017; “Trabalha­dores do Cu”, Espaço de Intervenção Cultural Maus Hábitos, Porto, Portugal, 2015; “Suzana Queiroga: ÁguaAr”, CAAA, Guimarães, Portugal, 2015; “MOSTRA PERFORMATUS #1”, Central Galeria de Arte, São Paulo, 2014.  

  • Didier Roth-Bettoni

    Journalist / France

    A journalist and historian, Didier Roth-Bettoni collaborates with numerous cultural and gay press mediums. Specialized in representations of homosexuality, he is the author of several books on this theme, among them L'Homosexualité au cinéma (La Musardine, 2007), Le Cinéma français et l'homosexualité (Danger Public, 2009), Sebastiane ou saint Jarman, cinéaste queer et martyr (ErosOnyx, 2013), and Les Années-sida à l’écran (ErosOnyx, 2017). In 2018 he produced Quand la création raconte le sida, a four part documentary series for France Culture. 

  • Esra Özban

    Artistic Director / Turkey

    Esra Özban graduated from Economics and Film Studies at Bogazici University in 2012. She had completed her master’s in film and Screen Studies at Goldsmiths College, University of London. She has been working as a programmer and coordinator in the Pink Life QueerFest since 2014. Esra also teaches film-related courses at Bilkent and TED Universities and is a member of newly founded Atina Collective.

  • Fernando Galrito

    Artistic Director / Portugal

    Fernando Galrito graduated in Film, Animation, and Theatre. MA in Anthropology and in Culture and New Technologies. He is currently finishing his PhD. In 2000 he founded and is the artistic director of MONSTRA | Lisbon Animated Film Festival. He teaches at the Escola Superior de Arte e Design | ESAD.CR (Portugal) and is a guest teacher in different universities in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. He directed animated films, documentaries and videos screened and awarded in national and international festivals. He coordinates transdisciplinary projects intersecting animation, theatre, dance and visual arts.

  • Hugo van der Ding

    Author / Netherlands

    Hugo van der Ding was born in Amsterdam in the late 70’s or 80’s but lives in Lisbon. He is the author, among others, of the comic strip A Criada Malcriada and the Facebook page Cavaca Para Presidenta. He also became a cartoonist, chronicler, writer, dramaturgist, actor, amination director, TV host, youtuber, and some other things like that. Despite all this, he is not one of those celebrities who is approached on the streets for autographs. Although once, in Tanzania, he was told: “I have a Portuguese neighbour in Dar es Salaam who knows your work”. Oh, and he doesn’t pay to get inside Lux. Which is quite remarkable for someone who barely finished high school.

  • Leonor Silveira

    Actress / Portugal

    Leonor Silveira graduated in International Relations at Lusíada University and has a postgrad in Cultural Law and Cultural Heritage by the Law Faculty of the University of Lisbon. Her career as an actress began in film in 1989, with the feature Os Canibais, by Manoel de Oliveira, having since then worked in all the film projects of this Portuguese director, being her last role that of Sofia, in O Gebo e a Sombra. She worked with other film directors, such as Luís Galvão Telles, Joaquim Pinto, Paulo Rocha, Vicente Jorge Silva, João Nicolau, João Botelho, and Sérgio Tréfaut.

  • Liad Hussein Kantorowicz

    Performer / Germany

    Liad Hussein Kantorowicz is a performance artist, activist, and a perpetual migrant. She deals with de-exotifying and de-mystifying the positions of so-called sexual or political deviants. She started performing and choreographing street interventions and performances in the formative years of Israel-Palestine‘s queer scene and demonstrations in the West Bank, Palestine before moving to Berlin in 2010. On stage she moves between using her body like a weapon and treating it like canvas on which to hang her own vulnerabilities. Her previous performances include: Watch Me Work (2012), Running/The Better Half (2015) Terrorist Superstars (2016), A Bit of Peace (2017).

  • Margarida Leitão

    Director / Portugal

    Margarida Leitão graduated in film editing and has a Master's Degree  in Cinema Project Development - Specialization in Dramaturgy and Direction at ESTC- Lisbon Theatre and Film School. Besides directing, she works regularly as editor and script supervisor. Currently she teaches film editing at ESTC and documentary at ETIC- School of Media Arts and Technology. She directed several short fictions and documentaries which were screened at festivals around the world and on television. Her film Gipsofila, among other awards, won the Special Jury Award at the Turin International Film Festival.

  • Maria Leite

    Actress / Portugal

    Maria Leite graduated in Communication Sciences at FSCH (2007-2010). She attended the Theatre graduation at ESTC. Member of the GTN (Nova Theatre Troupe, 2007), she started working in cinema with Pedro Caldas, in Guerra Civil (2009). Actress and video-artist for Teatro da Garagem (2012-2015), more recently she performed in the plays A Constituição and Sócrates tem de Morrer, written and directed by Mickael de Oliveira (2017), and Pulmões (2018), by Luís Araújo. Co-creator of A Vila (2017) alongside Eduardo Breda, and Cassiopeia (2018) with Miguel Graça. In film, she recently played in Diamantino, by Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt, and Les Traducteurs, by Régis Roinsard. She is doing her Master’s in Multimedia Art at FBAUL.                  

  • Marta Fernandes

    Distributor / Portugal

    Marta Fernandes is head of distribution at MIDAS Filmes since August 2008. She has been working on film distribution for over 15 years. First at Atalanta Filmes, where she was responsible for the communication and marketing strategies of over two hundred film theatrical releases, and then at IndieLisboa, where she was Executive Producer. She worked as a journalist and was member of the research team of OBERCOM – Communication Observatory. She has a degree in Media Studies from Universidade Nova de Lisboa and a Master’s Degree in Cinema. She is post-graduated in Cultural Management and in Emerging Discourses and Cultures – From Critics to Art.

  • Paula Arantzazu Ruiz

    Journalist / Spain

    Paula Arantzazu Ruiz (Barcelona, 1979) has a PhD degree in Film Studies from Universidad Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) with a thesis about the artists Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi in relation to the early medical films, and lectures at the University of Castilla-La Mancha in the department of Medical Sciences. She is the head of the press department of (S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico of A Coruña, and writes about film in SensaCine, among other Spanish media. Travels a lot and likes to spend her leisure time thinking on how to launch her band Pilots in the Sky to stardom.

  • Ricardo Teixeira

    Actor / Portugal

    Ricardo Teixeira is co-founder of the SillySeason Collective for which he directed the short films Frei Luís de Sousa (Best Portuguese Short at Queer Lisboa) and Antígona. He is the protagonist of the feature Al Berto, directed by Vicente Alves do Ó, which has been screened in several National and International Film Festivals (Audience Award for Best Film at the Rouen Film Festival, France). He was the winner in the Category of Best Lead Actor of the Áquila Awards, for his role in Al Berto. He participated in the international project Taburopa where he worked with director Arco Renz in Germany, Poland, Belgium, and Lisbon.

  • Rob Eagle

    Director / United Kingdom

    Rob Eagle is a producer/director of documentary film, audio and virtual reality. His work examines the convergence of non-fiction storytelling, immersive theatre and interactive art installation. In 2018 his interactive audio documentaries for A Mile in My Shoes toured the UK and New York, while his latest feature documentary ’69’ about the oldest gay leather fetish group in Europe premiered at Tate Britain. He is currently doing a PhD at the University of the West of England using interactive and immersive technology in representing transgender and genderqueer experiences.  

  • Rui Filipe Oliveira

    Producer / Portugal

    Born in Lisbon in 1962. From 1979 to 1982, he collaborated in different technical areas in several television and film projects. After graduating from the Humanities Faculty of the Lisbon University, he worked as a high school teacher. In 1988 he started working at RTP as assistant director, and in 1995 he started working there as producer. During his career at RTP he has been responsible for producing different TV shows, from fiction to documentary, so as live music shows, sport, and entertainment.

  • Thomas Mendonça

    Visual Artist / France

    Thomas Mendonça (1991, France) is a visual artist graduated at ESAD.Cr, working and living in Lisbon. Among other projects, he curated the "4 MESES 400 ANOS" (Primeiros Sintomas) cycle, the "PAU DURO CORAÇÃO MOLE" (Galeria FOCO) exhibition, and most recently the exhibition program at Teatro Taborda. He took part of exhibitions such as "Poríferos Preciosos" (Museu Geológico and Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência), and "Género na Arte: Corpo, sexualidade, identidade, resistência" (MNAC). His interests span from sentimental melodramas, post-pop culture, to the beauty of iconic singularity in general.  

  • Tiago Alves

    Radio host & Journalist / Portugal

    Tiago Alves is a radio host, journalist, promoter and film programmer since 1995. At TSF Radio he held for 8 seasons the show CINEMANIA; at Antena 1 Radio he coordinates and hosts CINEMAX, on air since 2005, which is also a TV show with regular short film screenings, at RTP2. Since 1999 he writes regularly on film in publications such as Visão magazine, the daily Jornal de Notícias, or digital magazine Metropolis. He is a programmer for Shortcutz Ovar. Tiago likes to believe that cinema is bigger than life, but always expects reality to be more surprising.

  • Victor dos Reis

    Teacher / Angola

    Victor dos Reis was born in Luanda in 1965. He is President of the Fine Arts Faculty of the Lisbon University, where he teaches in the Multimedia Art Department and is a researcher at CIEBA. Graduated in Visual Arts - Painting at ESBAL (1990), with a PhD and Post-Doctorate in Image Theories by the Lisbon University (2017 and 2018). He is the author of several books and exhibition catalogues, book chapters, articles, lectures, and courses in his research fields. Co-author of the high school Drawing programs now in practice. He curated several exhibitions in venues such as MNAC-Museu do Chiado, Museu Carlos Machado in Ponta Delgada or SNBA.


  • Alexander Geist

    Artist / Germany

    After having traveled with his shows around the world, the disco-soul icon, converted into a cult figure of the European underground scene, arrives in Porto to show us why it is considered "Berlin's daring darling" (as ExBerliner wrote) or "a genre pushing queer act" (according to The Quietus).

  • Ana Galizia

    Director / Brasil

    Ana Galizia (Brazil) holds a degree in Film from Universidade Federal Fluminense. She has collaborated as cinematographer in several short films. Unconfessions is her first project as a director and screenwriter and had its international premiere at 49th Visions du Réel (Switzerland).

  • Anča Jesenská

    Sound Designer / Czech Republic

    Anča Jesenská is the sound designer of Days Off, compeeting in the In My Shorts Section. 

  • André Santos

    Director / Portugal

    André Santos (Portugal, 1984) and Marco Leão (Portugal, 1984) began their longstanding collaboration in 2008. In addition to their work as directors, André is also director of photography and Marco sound director. Self Destructive Boys it's his latest short film.

  • Carolina Markowicz

    Filmmaker / Brazil

    Carolina Markowicz (São Paulo, 1982) is a screenwriter and director who has written and directed five short films. She has participated in film festivals such as Toronto, Cannes and Berlinale. Her first feature project, When My Life Was My Life, is currently raising funds.

  • Clara Stern

    Filmmaker / Austria

    Clara Stern (Austria, 1987) is a screenplay writer, filmmaker and moderator / host. She holds a Master of Arts in Theatre, Film and Media Sciences by the University of Vienna and a Bachelor of Arts in Screenplay Writing and Directing.

  • Dandara de Morais

    Actress / Brazil

    Dandara de Morais stars in Superpina, film by Jean Santos competing this year in the Queer Art Section.

  • Dennis Cooper

    Filmmaker / USA

    Dennis Cooper (1953, USA) is the author of eleven novels as well as numerous books of poetry and non-fiction. He has been working in some ongoing collaborations with Farley.

  • Djin Sganzerla

    Actress / Brazil

    Daughter of renowned Brazilian director Rogério Sganzerla, Djin Sganzerla is 'the calendar girl' in the film of the same title with which Helena Ignez competes this year in the Queer Art Section.

  • Érica Rocha

    DOP / Brazil

    Dandara de Morais is DOP in Superpina, film by Jean Santos competing this year in the Queer Art Section.

  • Filipe Matzembacher

    Filmmaker / Brazil

    Filipe Matzembacher (Brazil, 1988) studied film directing at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica, in São Paulo, and is co-founders of the Avante Films production company alongside with Marcio Reolon. This year they compete in the Feature Film Competition with Tinta Bruta.

  • Francisco Mira Godinho

    Producer / Portugal

    Francisco Mira Godinho is the producer of the film Anjo (You See the Moon), by Miguel Nunes, that Queer Lisboa present this year within its Panorama Section.

  • Frida Mårtensson

    Producer / Sweden

    Frida Mårtensson is the producer of Jerry Carlsson's Shadow Animals, compeeting this year for the Best Short Film Award.

  • Gabriel Abrantes

    Director / USA

    Gabriel Abrantes (USA, 1984) studied at Cooper Union in New York, and also in Paris, at l’Ecole National des Beaux-Arts and at Le Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains. His films have screened in festivals like Berlin, Locarno and Toronto. His works have been exhibited at Palais de Tokyo, Centre Pompidou, Bienal de São Paulo or Museu de Serralves. He currently lives and works in Lisbon. Diamantino it's his latest feature film.

  • Guillem Mont de Palol

    Performer / Spain

    Guillem Mont de Palol (dancer and performer) started Mont de Dutor in 2008 along with Jorge Dutor (set designer and performer). Their work has been presented in venues such as La Casa Encendida (Madrid), Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona) or La Alhóndiga (Bilbao). They play with language, semiotics, sound, body and movement, and are not afraid of humor as a vehicle to question forms of production.

  • Helena Ignez

    Filmmaker / Brazil

    Helena Ignez (Brazil) is an actress and director with more than fifty years of career in production in the various fields of the performing and cinematographic arts.

  • Inma Veiga

    Filmmaker / Spain

    Inma Veiga (Spain, 1995) is a filmmaker graduated in Sound and Image by the Superior School of Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha.

  • Jean Santos

    Filmmaker / Brazil

    Jean Santos is a filmmaker, screenwriter, video artist and art educator. He has a degree in Radio TV and Internet (UFPE), Media and Cultural Mediation (Université Blaise Pascal, France) and Graphic Design (IFPE), and is an executive producer of TV and digital media on TV Brasil. He competes with Superpina in the Queer Art Section.

  • Jerry Carlsson

    Director / Sweden

    Jerry Carlsson (Sweden, 1987) is a director and producer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Independent Filmmaking. Jerry finished his studies in 2015 and he founded the production company Verket Produktion that same year. Shadow Animals it's his latest short film.

  • Jordan Schiele

    Director / USA

    Jordan Schiele (New York) began working on film sets in China and studied Cinema in Singapore. His shorts and commercials have screened in festivals such as Cannes, Locarno, and Tribeca. He currently lives in Beijing. The Silk and The Flame it's his debut documentary film.

  • Jorge Dutor

    Performer / Spain

    Jorge Dutor (set designer and performer) started Mont de Dutor in 2008 along with Guillem Mont de Palol (dancer and performer). Their work has been presented in venues such as La Casa Encendida (Madrid), Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona) or La Alhóndiga (Bilbao). They play with language, semiotics, sound, body and movement, and are not afraid of humor as a vehicle to question forms of production.

  • Jorge Jácome

    Director / Portugal

    Jorge Jácome (Portugal, 1988) holds a degree in cinema from ESTC in directing and editing. His work is based on a highly intuitive and sensorial process resulting in a cinema made of narrative drifts, improbable relationships and unusual encounters. Flores it's his latest short film.

  • José Magro

    Director / Portugal

    José Magro has worked as Director of Photography and Producer for renowned filmmakers such as Manoel de Oliveira, João Pedro Rodrigues and Miguel Gonçalves Mendes. His films have screened in film festivals in Ireland, France, Switzerland, Finland and China. José is the director of four short films.

  • Ken Rischard

    Sound technician / Austria

    Ken Rishcard is a sound technician for Clara Stern's Mathias (In My Shorts Competition).

  • Marcio Reolon

    Filmmaker / Brazil

    Marcio Reolon (Brazil, 1984) studied film directing at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica, in São Paulo, and is co-founder of the Avante Films production company alongside with Filipe Matzembacher. This year they compete with Tinta Bruta in the Feature Film Competition. 

  • Marco Leão

    Director / Portugal

    Marco Leão (Portugal, 1984) and André Santos (Portugal, 1984) began their longstanding collaboration in 2008. In addition to their work as directors, André is also director of photography and Marco sound director. Self Destructive Boys it's his latest short film.

  • María Vera

    Distributor / Brazil

    María Vera works at Kino Rebelde, production and distribution company. She collaborated in the editing of the film La Flaca, by Adriana Barbosa and Thiago Zanato, which competes for the Best Short Film Prize and which she also represents as a distributor.

  • Mariana Fortes

    Actress / Brazil

    Mariana Fortes stars in Superpina, film by Jean Santos competing this year in the Queer Art Section.

  • Martín Rodríguez Redondo

    Filmmaker / Argentina

    Martín Rodríguez Redondo (Buenos Aires, 1979) is graduated from the Buenos Aires Centro de Investigación Cinematográfica. He produced the documentaries Kosice Hidroespacial, by Gabriel Saie, and Barrio Modelo, by Mara Pescio. Marilyn is his first feature film.

  • Matthias Müller

    Director / Germany

    Matthias Müller (Germany, 1961) is an artist working in film, video and photography. He studied Arts and German Literature at Bielefeld University and Fine Arts at HBK Braunschweig. Since 2003, he is a professor in experimental film at the Academy of Media Arts, in Cologne. In this Queer Lisboa edition the audience will have the opportunity to watch two films from Müller: Pensão Globo and Aus der Ferne - The Memo Book.

  • Mauro Soares

    Actor / Portugal

    Mauro Soares is one of the main actors in Hello Cinta Pertamaku, Câmbio e Desligo, by Daniel Donato, a movie compeeting in the "In My Shorts" - European School Films Section of this year' Queer Lisboa.


  • Michael Woodbridge

    Singer / Australia

    MIKEY. is an Australian singer and performer based in Berlin who, for his music and iconic night clothes, has earned a place in the heart of crowds of fans. His sweeping approach to gender and sexuality through music invokes connections "beyond identity, beyond body and beyond fear." Queer Lisboa 22 closing party it's on him. It will be a memorable night that will get straight to everyone's heart.

  • Mònica Rovira

    Director / Spain

    Mònica Rovira (Osona, Catalonia, 1978) studied Audiovisual Communication, Creative Documentary and Film Direction. She has explored the relation between free jazz and the cinematic gesture, and has researched intensely the boundaries of cinematic language through her movies. Ver a una Mujer it's her debut documentary film.

  • Nicoletta Nesler

    Director / Italy

    Nicoletta Nesler (Italy, 1958) and Marilisa Piga (Italy, 1950), started working together in 1991; they made a documentary series about disabled people and collaborated in RAI TV programs and in many other shorts and documentaries. Lunàdigas it's her latest documentary film.

  • Ricardo Vieira Lisboa

    Director / Portugal

    Ricardo Vieira Lisboa (Lisbon, 1991) holds an undergraduate and master's degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, and a master's degree in Cinema - Directing and Dramaturgy. He works as a film programmer for IndieLisboa and occasionally as a curator for the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. He is a film critic for À Pala de Walsh, a website he co-edits and co-founded. Reinaldo's Motifs it's his latest short film.

  • Rogério Mesquita

    Producer / Brazil

    Rogério Mesquita is one of the producers of Inferninhoa film that competes this year for the Best Film Award in the Queer Art Section.

  • Samuel Auer

    Director / Germany

    Samuel Auer (Germany, 1986) studied Communications and History at the Erfurt University and he’s studying Filmmaking since 2012 at DFFB - Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin. Night Owls will be in competition in In My Shorts section.

  • Stefania Régis

    Producer / Brazil

    Stefania Régis is a producer for Superpina, film by Jean Santos competing this year in the Queer Art Section.


  • Susi Monzali

    Producer / Italy

    Susi Monzali is the producer of Nicoletta Nesler and Marilisa Piga's Lunàdigas, compeeting this year for the Best Documentary Award.

  • Thomas Hakim

    Filmmaker / France

    Thomas Hakim (Marseille, 1987) studied business in Paris and filmmaking in Corsica. He has worked as a production manager for several short films, first within Les Films d'Argile, and today with his own company, Petit Chaos, created in 2018. This year, he competes for the Best Short Film Award with En Attendant.

  • Vsevolod Galkin

    Actor / Russia

    Vsevold Galkin stars in It, movie included this year in the Competition for the Best Short Film Award.

  • Yuri Yamamoto

    Actor / Brazil

    Costume designer, playwright, theater director, actor and set designer, Yuri Yamamoto, from Ceará, is Deusimar in Inferninho, a film that competes this year for the Best Film Award in the Queer Art Section.

  • Zac Farley

    Filmmaker / USA

    Zac Farley studied Fine Arts in California. He lives in Paris and works primarily in film, video and art installations.