Geography of Love: Vol. 1
Diego Bragà
Experimental : 27' / Gender, Autobiographical, HIV-AIDS, Performance, Bodies

"In 2011, my beloved uncle Ricardo Braga, my Little Witch, an expert in world geography, died from AIDS, leaving me all his legacy. This legacy is a box with personal files collected in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, covering fifteen countries. Vol. 1 is the Little Witch's funeral and a dive into my androgynous childhood – Ricardo chased me around the house dressed as a witch, I was the princess." (D.B.)


October 15 | 16h00 | Teatro Rivoli - Pequeno Auditório
Casa Comum Award

/ Details

Year: 2020

Country: Portugal

Language: Portuguese

Subtitles: English

With: Diego Bragà, Tiago Vieira, Martim Dinis

/ Direction

Diego Bragà

Brasil, Portugal

Diego Bragà is a Portuguese-Brazilian artist who was born in Belo Horizonte and lives in Lisbon. Diego identifies as gender-fluid and began their artistic studies through the work of Lygia Clark. Their performative and audio-visual creation focusses on the presence and on the body, questioning and illuminating the relationship between life and archive, memory and love, party and spirit, queer culture, and affection/faith.

Photo: Horace Lundd


2020 - Geografia do Amor: Vol. 1 (Experimental Short)

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