Instructions for Survival
Yana Ugrekhelidze
Documentary : 72' / Politics, Trans, Migrations, Relationship, Transphobia

Alexandre is a trans man living with his girlfriend Marie. Because of his identity, he must lead a secret life. Trans individuals like him are persecuted and threatened with death in his homeland. To escape this desperate situation, Marie decides to accept a surrogacy. With this money, the couple wants to flee to Europe and finally live freely. But as time goes by, their plan is put at stake, because they fall in love with the child in Marie’s belly. By looking at the specific reality of these individuals, Instructions for Survival calls for a reflection on the tragedy subjacent to the migratory paths of LGBTQI+ youths who seek a safe harbor to flee both State and familial violence.   


September 23 | 18h00 | Cinema São Jorge - Sala 2
Queer Focus

/ Details

Year: 2021

Country: Germany

Language: Georgian, Russian, English

Subtitles: English

With: Alexandre, Marie

/ Direction

Yana Ugrekhelidze


After graduating with a degree in Translation and Linguistics in Georgia, Yana Ugrekhelidze (Tbilisi, 1984) took a BA in Communication Design at the Peter Behrens School of Arts in Düsseldorf and a diploma in Film and Animation at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne.


2021 - Instructions for Survival (Documentary)
2019 - Armed Lullaby (Short Animation)
2017 - Summer Story (Short Animation)

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