International Dawn Chorus Day
John Greyson
Documentary, Experimental : 15' / Activism, Queer, Trauma

On International Dawn Chorus Day (May 3, 2020), birds from six continents join a Zoom call. They gossip about storms and cats and wires and dates. They talk about Egyptian filmmaker Shady Habash, known for his satiric anti-dictator music videos, who died the day before in Cairo's notorious Tora prison. They wonder about Egyptian queer activist Sarah Hegazi, famously incarcerated for flying a rainbow flag at a Cairo concert, now living as a refugee in Toronto. They don't realize that a month later, unable to bear the pain of her prison trauma, Sarah will take her own life.


September 20 | 18h30 | Cinema São Jorge - Sala 3
Short Film Competition

/ Details

Year: 2021

Country: Canada

Language: English

Subtitles: English

With: Shady Habash, Sarah Hegazi

/ Direction

John Greyson


John Greyson is a video/film artist and pioneer of the New Queer Cinema. Since 1984, his many features, shorts and transmedia works have explored such queer activist issues as police violence, prison, AIDS activism, solidarity, homo-nationalism, and apartheid. He teaches in Toronto's York University's Cinema & Media Arts department.


2021 - Dawn Chorus Day (Short Documentary)
2016 - Gazonto (Short Film)
2009 - Fig Trees (Documentary)
2001 - Packin' (Short Documentary)
1997 - Uncut (Feature Film)
1996 - Lilies (Feature Film)
1993 - Zero Patience (Feature Film)
1991 - The Making of Monsters (Experimental Short)
1989 - Urinal (Feature Film)
1987 - The ADS Epidemic (Short Film)

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