Jimmy in Saigon
Peter McDowell
Documentary : 89' / Gay, Drugs, Romance, Family

Jimmy in Saigon explores the mysterious death, radical life, and forbidden romance of a 24-year-old Vietnam veteran who died in Saigon in 1972. Jimmy’s rejection of his family’s values and his eventual death created deep trauma within the lives of his surviving family and complicated how he was remembered. Director Peter McDowell, Jimmy’s younger brother, was only five years old when Jimmy died under a shroud of secrecy and shame. Jimmy in Saigon follows Peter’s ten-year search to uncover secrets surrounding Jimmy’s sexual orientation and rumored drug use. Peter finds surprising connections with his deceased brother and struggles to reach a new understanding of his own identity as a gay man. 


September 23 | 21h30 | Cinema São Jorge - Sala 3 Buy Tickets
Documentary Competition

/ Details

Year: 2022

Country: USA

Language: english, vietnamese

Subtitles: english

With: Ellen Mcdowell, Ann Mcdowell, Peter Mcdowell, Muriel Kratz, Austin McDowell, Lily Szujewski, Mary McDowell, John McDowell, Andy McDowell

/ Direction

Peter McDowell


Surrounded by opera as a child and trained as a musician and actor, Peter McDowell has always been drawn to melding music and film in his work. He made two Super 8 short films in the early 1990s that played at San Francisco’s Frameline Film Festival, one of which, I Dream of Dorothy, went on to festivals worldwide. In addition to filmmaking, Peter works as an arts producer and fundraiser.


2022 – Jimmy in Saigon (Documentary)

1994 – On a Queer Day (Short Film)

1993 – I Dream of Dorothy (Short Film)

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