The Institute of Queer Ecology (IQECO)
Experimental : 40' / Eco-Sex, Politics, Queer

Metamorphosis is a 3-part proposal by the Institute of Queer Ecology to restructure how the world is imagined and how it operates today. These three stages are modeled after the life cycles of holometabolous insects: bugs who undergo a “complete metamorphosis” where the organism fully restructures itself to adapt to its changing needs and ensure its survival. Relying on this metaphorical transformation, IQECO aims to help catalyze a planet-wide transformation from the prevailing extractive relationship with the earth to one characterized by regeneration and care: a shift from making “nature” subservient, to working with the natural world and, in that process, remaking ourselves and our relationships—to each other, and the world.


November 30 | 18h00 | Reitoria da Universidade do Porto - Casa Comum
Queer Focus

/ Details

Year: 2020

Country: USA

Language: english

Subtitles: english

With: Danny Orlowski, Mykki Blanco (voices over)

/ Direction

The Institute of Queer Ecology (IQECO)


The Institute of Queer Ecology (IQECO) is a collaborative, decentralized organism that works to imagine and realize an equitable multispecies future. With interdisciplinary programming that oscillates between curating exhibitions and directly producing artworks/projects, the Institute of Queer Ecology lays the groundwork for a (bio)diverse utopia.


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