Ni les femmes ni la terre!
Marine Allard, Lucie Assemat & Coline Dhaussy
Documentary : 62' / Ecosex

In Argentina and Bolivia, in the slums and urban outskirts, in the isolated countryside of Patagonia and in the Bolivian altiplano, women claim and reappropriate their "territories-bodies-earth", in the face of gender violence in their communities and of the destruction of the environment by Monsanto and extractivism. They chart paths for a global ecofeminist revolution, desde abajo a la izquierda, from South to North.


Saison France
April 30 | 21h00 | Cinéma J. P. Belmondo

/ Details

Year: 2018

Country: France

Language: spanish

Subtitles: french

/ Direction

Marine Allard, Lucie Assemat & Coline Dhaussy


Marine Allard entangles cinema with her concerns and questions about ecology and feminism. Her new discoveries in South America encouraged her to create a new space where popular education, feminist practice and art meet.


Lucie Assemat is a sociologist and has carried out research and actions in Latin America. After several experiences with women victim of gender violence in France, she is currently involved in popular education and training.


An activist in the fight against gender-based violence, Coline Dhaussy has created several ecofeminist collectives and has worked in shelters for women victim of gender-based violence.


Photo: Cécile Pomier



2018 - Ni les femmes ni la terre! (Documentary)

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