Maja Borg
Documentary : 95' / BDSM, Autobiographical, Religion, Women, Bodies, Community

A film about longing, healing, and belonging. Adopting rituals and play from queer BDSM practice and their own Christian heritage, filmmaker Maja Borg seeks to reclaim intimacy and re-establish boundaries in the wake of a destructive relationship.


September 23 | 21h30 | Cinema São Jorge - Sala 3
Queer Art Competition

/ Details

Year: 2021

Country: Sweden, Spain

Language: English, Swedish, Spanish

Subtitles: English

With: Maja Borg, Mary deChain, Anneke Necro, Liz Rosenfeld, Marit Östberg, Mary Philipson

/ Direction

Maja Borg


Maja Borg is an artist and film director, working with both documentary and fiction. Their work explores political alternatives and personal ‘otherness’, and is often focused on the deconstruction of culture, economy, sexuality, mythology and language itself.


2021 - Passion (Documentary)
2018 - Shamana! - ur shamanernas liv (Short Documentary)
2016 - Man (Experimental Short)
2012 - Future My Love (Documentary)
2007 - Ottica Zero (Short Documentary)
2005 - Hidden (Short Film)

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