Times of Desire
Raquel Marques

Documentary : 60' / Lesbian, Family, Feminism, Women

A new place in the world is revealed while Bea is confronted with loss and what she imagines will come. In the house that prepares to embrace change, fears dwell. An unforeseen loneliness also seems to be part of her desire, the desire to be a mother without a partner and a lesbian.


October 12 | 16h00 | Teatro Rivoli - Pequeno Auditório
October 14 | 19h00 | Teatro Rivoli - Pequeno Auditório
Porto Official Competition

/ Details

Year: 2020

Country: Spain

Language: Spanish

Subtitles: English

With: Beatriz Saura Molinero

/ Direction

Raquel Marques


Raquel Marques (Porto, 1979) has a degree in Cinema (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) and a Master in Documentary of Creation (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona). Founding member of the association of film experimentation in analog cinema Laboratorio Reversible, she is also part of the team of Drac Màgic (Cooperativa Promotora de Medios Audiovisuales), and she has specialized in film education and audio-visual culture with a feminist perspective.


2020 - Miedo (Short Film)
2020 - Tiempos de Deseo (Documentary)
2020 - Mai Abans (Short Film)
2020 - Utopia (Short Film)
2019 - Devenir (Short Film)
2017 - Vecines (Short Film)
2017 - F(r)icciones entre el Trabajo y la Vida (Short Film)
2017 - 25 Anys de Sororitat (Short Film)
2016 - Esa Cosa Incontrolable que es el Tiempo (Short Film)
2016 - Arreta (Documentary)

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