Uferfrauen - Lesbian Life and Love in the GDR
Barbara Wallbraun
Documentary : 115' / Lesbian, Women, Community, Politics

Six lesbians from rural and metropolitan parts of the formerly socialist Republic tell their life stories. The women allow a glimpse into their up-bring and their everyday life in that period, and describe their struggle for self-determination and fulfilment, their first loves, their ways of unconventional family and life planning, as well as their conflicts with the ruling socialist party and jurisdiction.


September 18 | 18h30 | Cinema São Jorge - Sala 3
September 20 | 15h30 | Cinema São Jorge - Sala 3
Documentary Competition

/ Details

Year: 2019

Country: Germany

Language: German

Subtitles: English

With: Pat, Christiane, Carola, Elke, Sabine, Gisela

/ Direction

Barbara Wallbraun

Barbara Wallbraun

A scholarship for Media Culture studies at the University of Lapland inspired Barbara Wallbraun (Thuringia, Germany, 1983) to focus on documentaries. For the past 15 years, she has worked as an independent film and media educator in Germany. She also initiated in 2011 the queer film festival Paranoid Paradise, in Leipzig.

Photo: Christiane Gundlach


2019 - Uferfrauen - Lesbian Life and Love in the GDR (Documentary)

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