September 07
Other Systems: new queer digital narratives

Queer Lisboa and Queer Porto propose a selection of interactive artistic objects whose existence is made possible through the digital.

The program Other Systems aims to reflect upon emergent new digital narratives which confront the queer expression with the specificities of the different formats, in works such as H.O.R.I.Z.O.N., a participatory game fostering the construction of new models of social interaction; the portable Bottoms Up where through a game app is possible to have access to the history of the LGBTQ community set in the 1920s bar scene; the transfigurational The Zizi Show that through deepfake technologies creates a new drag cabaret; or the web experience in Pest to Power questioning the human evolution in relation with the cockroach; the possibility of being part of intimate and personal stories pinned in Queering the Map; a new social landscape is suggested in We Dwell in Possibility while planting bodies and ideas; and Festinha 360, shot in Lisbon with a vibrant and energic movement about the issues of racialized, immigrant and trans bodies.


Online Program:


Bottoms Up, mo (2018)

Festinha 360, Puta da Silva (2021)

H.O.R.I.Z.O.N., Institute of Queer Ecology (2021)

Pest to Power, Natasha Tontey (2019)

Queering the Map, Lucas LaRochelle (2017)

We Dwell in Possibility, Robert Yang and Eleanor Davis (2021)

The Zizi Show, Jake Elwes (2020)


Photo: We Dwell in Possibility

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