Queer Lisboa 22

Feature Film Competition
(Jury: Isabel Abreu, Marcos Rocha, Yann Gonzalez)

Best Feature Film: Los Objetos Amorosos (Spain, 2016), by Adrián Silvestre
“An intense and risky directorial exercise. A plunge that doesn't fear to fail. A journey that turns the spectator into an object, just like the film's characters, between fiction and documentary, anger and love”.

Best Actress: Laura Rojas Godoy and Nicole Costa, in Los Objetos Amorosos (Spain, 2016), by Adrián Silvestre
“Because we’ll never forget those two girls spitting on capitalistic society and trying to enjoy a bit of love, heat and freedom on their own road of loneliness, we’d like to award the raw, unpredictable and powerful performances of Nicole Costa and Laura Rojas Godoy in Los Objetos Amorosos by Adrian Silvestre”.
Best Actor: Owen Campbell in As You Are (USA, 2016), by Miles Joris-Peyrafitte
“For his delicate portrayal of a sensitive teenager, for the way he looks at his partner with the luminous eyes of someone falling in love for the first time”.
Special Mention: Corpo Elétrico (Brazil, 2016), by Marcelo Caetano

“Corpo Elétrico draws a set in which sexualized bodies of different generations, social classes, and races travel through different spaces of the city, without the burden of a non-hegemonic expression of sexuality overcoming the characters. It is not a simplification of sex and gender relations, but rather a sort of idyllic ethnography where the characters vociferate a powerful ‘Yes’, to their own existence and at the same time acknowledging the other. A film that, paraphrasing Caetano Veloso, ‘brings world into the world’”.

Audience Award: Close-Knit (Japan, 2017), by Naoko Ogigami

Documentary Competition
(Jury: Luísa Homem, Rui Filipe Oliveira, Sérgio Tréfaut)

Best Documentary: Small Talk (Taiwan, 2016), by Hui-Chen Huang
“Small Talk is a film with a surprising dramaturgy that reveals in small, great conversations the private history of a family: three generations, two mothers and two daughters. A lesbian mother and grandmother is questioned by the filmmaker's daughter about her identity and past life, with the intention of breaking silences and avoiding repetition of models of suffering”.
Special Mention: Vivir Y Otras Ficciones (Spain, 2016), by Jo Sol
“Vivir Y Otros Ficciones is an important film for cinematically approaching the sexual life of the ones with functional diversity and revealing how this theme remains taboo even within the most progressive universes. A film that should be viewed and debated by Portuguese society, the community portrayed and health professionals”.

Audience Award: Entre os Homens de Bem (Brazil, 2016), by Caio Cavechini and Carlos Juliano Barros

Short Film Competition
(Jury: Ana Moreira, Jorge Jácome, Francisco Moreira)

Best Short Film: Les Îles (France, 2017), by Yann Gonzalez
“For the security that shows in the construction of its plastic universe, by the way in this film the desire inhabits and manifests in different bodies, all recognize each other and all project”.
Special Mention: Coelho Mau (Portugal, France, 2017), by Carlos Conceição
“For the elegance in the composition of the mise-en-scène, where the director works in a singular way the theme of death and desire”.

Audience Award: Tailor (Brazil, 2017), by Calí dos Anjos

In My Shorts Competition
(Jury: João Villas-Boas, Nádia Henriques, Ricardo Vieira Lisboa)

Best School Short Film: Étage X (Germany, 2016), by Francy Fabritz
“By the meticulous management of expectations that gives us constant surprises and discomforts. By the virtuous use of the silences in the construction of comic moments and by the minutiae in the exploration of the dramaturgical details in a confined space. And yet to find a non-moralistic sexual tension in bodies and people tendentially represented as romantic and non-erotic”.
Special Mention: Loris Sta Bene (Italy, 2017), by Simone Bozzelli
“For demonstrating a great mastery of the grammar of cinema in its relation to the construction of the dilemma of its protagonist”.
Special Mention: Rute (Portugal, 2017), by Ricardo Branco.
“A film that chooses the pathway of queer empowerment by using a captivating scenic device”.

Queer Art Competition
(Jury: Carlota Lagido, Colby Keller, João Onofre)

Best Queer Art Film: Occidental (France, 2017), directed by Neïl Beloufa
“Because we all know that Italians don’t drink Coca-Cola, and because projected prejudice is one of the central problems of our times, we give the award to Occidental directed by Neïl Beloufa. The conceptual and formal characteristics of this audio-visual object reveal an in-depth attention to the construction of the set, the art direction and the history of melodramatic cinema”.
Special Mention: A Destruição de Bernardet (Brazil, 2016), directed by Claudia Priscilla and Pedro Marques
“A brilliant documentary that showcases a bigger than life, love and hate character, Jean Claude Bernardet, and because we all know that Belgium-Brazilians all eat butterflies”.

(Jury: Leonor Silveira, Didier Roth-Bettoni, Hugo van der Ding)

Best Feature Film: Marilyn (Argentina, Chile, 2018, 80'), by Martín Rodríguez Redondo.
A debut feature, with a language that is never manipulative, this is a realist gaze which presents us a portrait of an overwhelming society. Lost from its very beginning, a battle of beauty and horror where the sole liberation is through a never-ending tragedy.

Best Actress: Kristín Thóra Haraldsdóttir, in And Breathe Normally (Iceland, Sweden, Belgium, 2018, 100'), by Ísold Uggadóttir.
"A noble and subtle performance, a character in control even when all around her goes adrift. The bravery of a woman".

Best Actor: Victor Polster in Girl (Belgium, Netherlands, 2018, 105'), by Lukas Dhont.
“He goes beyond gender. A performance that surpasses gender boundaries. Victor Polster is the film”.

Special Mention: Tinta Bruta (Brazil, 2018, 118'), by Filipe Matzembacher and Marcio Reolon.
“A narrative with an organic language, on a generation in an aggressive universe. A film that represents a country that has become a prison for its minorities and its youth”.

Audience AwardGirl (Belgium, Netherlands, 2018, 105'), by Lukas Dhont.

documentary COMPETITION
(Jury: Esra Özban, Margarida Leitão, Rui Filipe Oliveira)

Best Documentary: Room for a Man (Lebanon, USA, 2017, 77'), by Anthony Chidiac.
The Jury award for the Documentary Competition goes to Room for a Man by Anthony Chidiac, who bravely invites us into his room in Beirut and expresses intimate conflicts with an elaborate cinematic language. Delicately reflecting on the encounters with himself, his family and the ‘others’, the poetical and personal essay of Chidiac creates a room for us to participate in his journey.

Special Mention: Cartas para um Ladrão de Livros (Brazil, 2017, 97'), by Caio Cavechini and Carlos Juliano Barros.
The directors Caio Cavechini and Carlos Juliano Barros meticulously tell the peculiar story of Laéssio Rodrigues, whose love for Carmen Miranda made him a talented book thief and a famous ‘criminal’. Exposing the rottenness of the system and Laéssio’s controversial queer alternatives full of humor and sarcasm, the film confronts us with the boundaries of ethics, the hypocrisy of justice and the harsh reality of class struggle.

Audience AwardLunàdigas - ovvero delle Donne senza Figli (Italy, 2016, 78), by Nicoletta Nesler and Marilisa Piga.

(Jury: Maria Leite, Rob Eagle, Thomas Mendonça)

Best Short Film: Would You Look at Her (Macedonia, 2017, 18'), by Goran Stolevski.
“Set in a religious Macedonian community, the film is a darkly absurd comedy of a queer teenager who breaks with convention and comes out on top. This film is sharp and has so much to say to its audience beyond its 18 minutes”.

Special Mention: O Órfão (Brazil, 2018, 15'), by Carolina Markowicz.
“For its simple and beautiful portrayal of a reality that seemed very relevant to us to highlight. Based on a true story, it’s a touching and endearing portrait of a queer orphan in São Paulo”.

Audience AwardO Órfão (Brazil, 2018, 15'), by Carolina Markowicz.

(Jury: Ágata Pinho, Fernando Galrito, Marta Fernandes)

Best European School Short Film: Mathias (Austria, 2017, 30'), by Clara Stern.
“For the intelligent and humane way in which the trans character is built, in all his complexity, never reducing him to a stereotype. For the way the spaces inhabited by the lead character – home, work and outside world – become essential to his dramaturgic construction and that of all the others he interacts with. A film built on a technically strong foundation, with a rich physical space and soundscape that coherently support the whole narrative”.

Special Mention: Three Centimetres (United Kingdom, 2017, 9'), by Lara Zeidan.
“A cinematic exercise that through its device and dialogues manages to go from a ludic and sharing space to a claustrophobic one, thus approaching complex questions such as sexuality in a segregating culture”.

(Jury: Paula Arantzazu Ruiz, Ricardo Teixeira, Victor dos Reis)

Best Queer Art Film: Inferninho (Brazil, 2018, 82'), by Guto Parente and Pedro Diogenes.
“For its visual and poetic narrative which transcends the theatrical dimension and above all celebrates its protagonists, highlighting their tenderness, vulnerability, and courage. Entrapped and refugees in a non-place and in a state of awaiting, they tell us of the importance of opening up to the unknown and fleeing away”.

Special MentionMartyr (Lebanon, Italy, 2017, 84'), by Mazen Khaled.
A portentous visual and highly choreographed proposal that affirms itself in the time extension of the images, artistic genres and faiths”.

Queer Porto 4

(Jury: António MV, Pedro Bessa, Sara Carinhas)
Best Film: I Am Truly a Drop of Sun on Earth (Switzerland, 2017), by Elene Naveriani
“This film offers us a moment in time, fixated by the effect of the light and the retina without subscribing to History. Made of time, in real environments and with people who tell their reality, performing it brilliantly in an impressive direction. We are plunged in the cruel world whose black and white is both a metaphor and a statement. A rigorous and careful portrait of two opposing worlds that feed each other”.
Audience Award: The Wound (South Africa, Germany, Netherlands, France, 2017), by John Trengove
Best Portuguese School Short Film: Quando o Dia Acaba (Portugal, 2017), by Pedro Gonçalves
"When the day ends [Quando o Dia Acaba], the affections continue through the sweet eyes of the children and of these mothers. However, this short documentary film almost looks like fiction, because it’s so rare to see a film object that portrays a family in such way. This short has a quality in its directing and editing that in 15 minutes manages to take us to this quiet and sensitive world, without filters and without film tricks”.
Special Mention: A Espera (Portugal, 2016), by Joana Alves
"For the rigor with which we are shown a subject that is still pertinent, sensitive and complex. A Espera deserves the Special Mention, for the direct, linear, correct and very factual way in which it was built.

(Jury: Da Mata, Tiago Alves, Liad Hussein Kantorowicz)


Best Film: Soldiers. Story from Ferentari (Romania, Serbia, Belgium, 2017, 119'), by Ivana Mladenovic
“Excellent film that questions Romanian cisheteronormativity which disciplines and controls bodies and desires, causing pain on whoever dares to be different. On a queer perspective, the film materializes itself by questioning the demands built upon the construction of masculinity, in other words, it calls attention upon the norms that create them”.

Special Mention: The Rest I Make Up (USA, 2018, 79'), by Michelle Memran.
"In the maze of Maria Irene Fornés, the threads are untied by filmmaker Michelle Memran. Not only through the power to transform and also to question herself, Memran avoids any stigmatization usually associated to individuals with Alzheimer’s. It is a true celebration of friendship".

Audience Award: Dykes, Camera Action! (USA, 2018, 57'), by Caroline Berler.

in my shorts COMPETITION

Best Portuguese School Short Film: Brthr (Portugal, Spain, 2017, 8'), by Inma Veiga
"“Brthr” is a fictionalized biography that strengthens the feelings of brotherhood and affective protection towards someone who is displaced".