October 12
colectivo PROMETEU

Following the collaboration with Queer Porto in 2020, colectivo PROMETEU will be once again present at this 7th edition of the festival. In a still atypical year, efforts will be joined to inhabit the Maus Hábitos space during the week of the festival. Looking for ways to humanize the meeting experience again, the collective joins the space's programming with moments of interaction with and for the LGBTQIA+ community.


colectivo PROMETEU Programme @ Maus Hábitos:

  • October 12 to 16, from 12h00 to 00h00

Mural (Participative Installation) – Open arquive of insulting words


For five days, the transparent corridor at Maus Hábitos becomes a repository of offenses directed at the LGBTQIA+ community. Visitors are invited to write insulting words that they have been addressed, in a kind of collective purge. After this first call, the last day of the mural (October 16) will be used to build sentences from the listed expressions, in an attempt to reframe the similarity of what happened with the term QUEER: first an insult launched by third parties, then a form of identification assumed by the community itself as a reason for pride and empowerment.



  • October 15 and 16, from 15h00 to 20h00

Laura Calado [girl.gag] (Tattoo)


As part of her creation and exploration of the tattoo world and "in celebration of love, identity and the LGBTQIA+ community", Laura Calado will be in Maus Hábitos tattooing! She will work with original flash tattoos that explore the subject of queerness "to paint and decorate all the bodies that want to participate!".

* Session scheduling will be needed and can be done through instagram DM @girl.gag or through e-mail at girlgagillustration@gmail.com



  • October 16, 23h30

Queer Porto 7 Closing Party: Lilly Prozac [Host], Pussy LeBouton com/with Lizy Exell e/and Telmo Sousa [Performance], RIVA [Concert], Zir Mut(e) [DJ Set], Bye Bye Yankees [DJ Set]


Now that we can finally dust off our bodies, there's nothing better than a party where freedom is the motto. The dance floor opens at 23h30 with spells and performance by Pussy LeBouton, followed by RIVA's intimate pop concert and Zir Mut's dj set (e), where electronic, organic and tribal music take place. The party ends with the energetic duo Bye Bye Yankees and their musical decentralization. Welcoming us with open arms throughout the night, we will have the brilliant and voluptuous Lilly Prozac.


* Tickets: 5€ (for sale at Maus Hábitos at the event’s entrance). It will be necessary to present a valid vaccination certificate, or recovery certificate or a negative certificate test. Rapid tests are not accepted.


/ More Informations

  • Maus Hábitos, from 12 to 16 October, 12h00-00h00

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