The City Was Ours. Radical Feminism in the Seventies
Netty van Hoorn
Documentary : 70' / Activism, Women, Lesbian, Community, Feminism, Politics

The lesbian movement in the Netherlands was a driving force within Dutch feminism and came into full force in the 1970’s. It went beyond participating in awareness groups, demonstrations, and squats. They were at the forefront of activist movements such as Purple September and Lesbian Nation and responsible for opening women’s cafes, bookstores, magazines, archives, print shops, a film collective and much more. The City Was Ours also offers a unique first-person portrayal of the occupation of the Portuguese Embassy in The Hague, in a gesture of solidarity and international awareness towards the “Three Marias” case, the infamous trial of Portuguese authors Maria Teresa Horta, Maria Isabel Barreno, and Maria Velho da Costa, because of their book “Novas Cartas Portuguesas”, forbidden by the dictatorial regime.    


September 22 | 18h00 | Cinema São Jorge - Sala 2
October 14 | 18h00 | Reitoria da Universidade do Porto - Auditório Ruy Luís Gomes
Queer Focus

/ Details

Year: 2020

Country: The Netherlands

Language: Dutch

Subtitles: Portuguese

With: Nicolaine den Breejen, Angela Leerkes, Mieke van Kasbergen, Lidi Kleijn, Maaike Meijer, Pamela Pattynama, Marjan Sax

/ Direction

Netty van Hoorn

The Netherlands

Netty van Hoorn (Amsterdam, 1951) is a Dutch film director and producer. She graduated in 1983 at the Dutch Film and Television Academy, and has directed many documentaries, commercials and theatre plays since then.


2020 - The City Was Ours. Radical Feminism in the Seventies (Documentary)
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