Three (or More) Ecologies: A Feminist Articulation of Eco-Intersectionality. Pt1
Angela Anderson
Documentary : 37' / Eco-Sex, Women, Feminism, Colonialism, Politics

The way one relates to land, water and “resources” is reflected in the way one produces goods, relations, and affinities. Three (or More) Ecologies juxtaposes the highly industrial/technical nature of the destructive fracking industry driving North Dakota’s Bakken shale oil boom on the Ft. Berthhold (Three Affiliated Tribes Reservation), with voices from Jinwar – Village of Free Women, a women’s collective agricultural village project in the autonomous region of Rojava (Northern Syria). The first chapter of this audio-visual research project emphasizes the urgent necessity of redefining value in the face of economic models that are driving the current climate crisis and the ongoing disruption/destruction of ecosystems, with blatant disregard for the embodied knowledge these ecosystems cultivate and nourish. It calls into question capitalism’s unbridled accumulation, fostered by competition, inequality and exploitation, the undergirding of patriarchal society, and comes to a singular conclusion: For the world to live, patriarchy must die.


December 01 | 18h00 | Reitoria da Universidade do Porto - Casa Comum
Queer Focus

/ Details

Year: 2019

Country: Germany, Austria

Language: english

Subtitles: english

With: Silvia Federici, Ladonna Tamakawastewin Allard, Nicole Montclair Donaghy, Lisa & Walter Deville, Dilar Dirik, Sawsan Mahmoud, Siham, Amira, Najat, Dalin & Reiza

/ Direction

Angela Anderson


Angela Anderson was born in Wisconsin (USA) and lives and works in Berlin. She is an artist and researcher working in the mediums of multi-channel video and sound installation, sculpture, and photography. Through experimentation with audio-visual forms, she seeks to challenge patriarchal, settler-colonial narratives and foster inter-species & intermaterial solidarity from a queer feminist perspective. She holds an BA in Natural Resources and Economics from the University of Minnesota and an MA in Film and Media Studies from the New School in NYC.


Photo: Ana Hoffner


2019 - Three (or More) Ecologies (Documentary)

2016 - The Sea Between You and Me (Short Film)

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