October 14
Queer Porto 9 Award Winners

The Closing Session of the International Queer Film Festival - Queer Porto 9 took place tonight, at 9:30 pm, at Batalha Centro de Cinema, where the awards for the Official Competition and the Casa Comum Award were announced.


The 9th edition of Queer Porto took place at the recently renovated Batalha Centro de Cinema, allowing the festival a new dynamic in the programming and organization of its sessions and activities. In the venues of Batalha and the Rectory of the University of Porto's Casa Comum, the festival reflected on issues of migration and borders, alongside a program that offered a vast panorama of the different queer communities, in their different geographies, having counted with several guests, such as the Secretary of State for Equality and Migration, Isabel Almeida Rodrigues, and Irish filmmaker Vivienne Dick, to whom the festival dedicated a retrospective that had a huge impact on the public.


Queer Porto 10 will take place in October 2024.


Queer Porto 9 Awards:




Best Film

Kenya, Gisela Delgadillo (Mexico, 2022, 90’) 


“Having in account the festival's goal of offering a gaze to better understand the reality of queer individuals and communities, Kenya, besides fulfilling those goals, stands as a social mirror for the condition of Mexican sex workers for whom the streets are not only their place of existence, but also of resistance. Kenya carefully addresses the lives of trans women. It is a worthy, sensitive and pedagogical film, capable of mobilizing us for transformation.”


Special Mention

Carvão / Charcoal, Carolina Markowicz (Brazil, Argentina, 2022, 107’) 


Audience Award

Kenya, Gisela Delgadillo (Mexico, 2022, 90’) 




Best Film

Entre a Luz e o Nada / Between Light and Nowhere, Joana de Sousa (Portugal, 2022, 20’)


“The Casa Comum Award goes to the national short film Entre a Luz e o Nada, because how it focuses on a diversity of relevant contemporary themes, such as urban existences, gender issues, psychotropic experiences, mental health, family and sexuality. On it, and as a distinguishing factor, science fiction serves as a transmitter for articulating the past and the future, the global and the local, transforming the narrative into a very up-to-date queer pop style, didactic and accessible. This serves for placing this short film in the retrofuturist urgency of contemporary artistic creation that has been sustaining a coordinated activist/artivist project”.


Special Mention

Dildotectónica / Dildotectonics, Tomás Paula Marques (Portugal, 2023, 16’)


“We award an Honorable Mention to the film Dildotectónica, as it presents itself as a fictional documentary that deconstructs, and questions - in a sharp way -, the prevailing phallocentric and heterocisnormative society”.


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